Digitally generated image of a large restaurant interior under lights. 3D rendering of a luxury restaurant interior at night.

When planning the style wanted in a house, lamps and fixtures may get chosen to blend or contrast with the other elements in the room, but little thought gets given to the actual light in a space. The creative use of light in a room can elevate or take away from the overall look and feel in an interior decor design.

Light Up Dark Places

Sometimes areas away from windows, mainly corners, can be dark and diminish the look of a room. Many choices are depending on the style of the room. Most decor styles benefit from a table or standing style to light up the area without commanding too much floor space. Another option if you have a Midcentury Modern or Retro is a hanging pendant lamp to drop the perfect amount of light over the area.

Bring Warmth In

While the general direction of lighting continues to move towards LED-type lights, warm glow bulbs are starting to make their presence more commonplace, particularly in areas of the home where a cozy look and feel is wanted, such as the bedroom or dining room. This lighting type usually has a dimmer switch to take the bulb from bright to soft and comfortable.

More Light

Smart lighting, in particular, has evolved to become more like natural lighting and can open up a room by bringing the look and feel of natural sunlight with the flick of a switch. Most of these lighting options have dimmer switchers to take the light emitted from the noon-day sun to sunrise or sunset tones.

Elegance Through Lighting

Exploring fusions of styles is a trend that began a few years ago and continues to be influential. Combining traditionally-styled rubbed bronze bases with gold shades or combining hammered metals with smooth creates a whole new look. Another trend is updating vintage lamps with modern shades for a decided upgrade.

Return to Natural Materials

People choose to bring lamps, fixtures, and wall lights into the home constructed of more traditional materials rather than mass-produced plastic. Carved wooden bases and natural glass or ceramic styles gain favor as the colors and textures created meld into most decor styles.

Light Up the Room With Color

The table lamps, pendant lights, or standing fixtures around a room can bring an accent of color that blends and supports the primary or secondary colors in the room palette or starkly contrasts it, creating the fabled “pop of color” so many interior designs go for. For example, a room done in earth tones can benefit from a table lamp with a base painted in the red family to create a lively contrast to the rest of the room colors.

Sustainable Choices in Lighting

Along with the natural materials trend, consumers demand lighting fixtures, bulbs, and shades created from eco-friendly methods and materials. Lighting around the world accounts for roughly six percent of the global CO2 emissions across the globe. The switch to LED technology saves tons of CO2 emissions yearly as more and more users embrace this trend.