Set of lamps. Furniture chandelier, floor and table lamp in flat cartoon style. Vector illustration

Each year brings change and new inspiration, especially if you are searching for ways to enhance your living space. With your next remodel, aesthetic freedom is all yours, so you may add a personal touch with the right furniture and lighting. We have taken the time to dive into the hottest up-and-coming trends for 2023 so that you have everything you need to make your vision a reality. You can complement your living space with the perfect design and create an atmosphere of stylish comfort and elegance.

Geometric Shapes

Creatively speaking, city architecture and modern design come to life with geometric silhouettes and futuristic lighting installations. Homeowners will have attractive options like brass accents and luxury furniture crafted from rich materials are the perfect way to elevate any living space.

• Floor lamps with mesmerizing glass and gold-plated brass help create an aerial atmosphere.

• Suspension lighting is a unique way to bring the eye upward for a high focal point.

• Luxury chandeliers are making quite a comeback as an intriguing lighting addition for various decors and tastes.

Art Deco

Think of opulent parties and fancy living from the Great Gatsby era, complete with stunning outfits and incredible cocktails. The art deco realm involves all design aspects, bringing together lighting, furniture, and architecture. Today, this strong luxury statement is perfect for individualizing your space while showing off unmatched taste.

• Suspension lighting, once again, is perfect for creating smooth lines and organic movement with just the right touch of glamor with materials like crystal and gold-plated brass.

• Brass wall sconces with vertical lines with just the right touch of light are elemental installations for bathrooms, smaller powder rooms, and dressing rooms.

• Multi-tier chandelier installations are breathtaking for foyers and other wide spaces – not just for lighting but also a statement piece.

Get Inspired by Nature

Designers today are drawing more inspiration from nature, stretching beyond neutral tones for fabrics and upholstery. Today’s lighting seamlessly meshes with furniture options by bringing in molded metal accents that speak to the nature lover in all of us.

• Leaves, rainforest-styled gold, brass accents on chandeliers, and wall-mount lighting help add mystique to any living space.

• Safari touches are trendy this year, including hints of elephants, giraffes, and lions.

• Sea landscape designs are also breathtaking for lighting fixtures, so look to gold pieces that mimic wave ripples or crystals that give a water drop vibe.

Art Lighting

The world of art lighting, known as the new vogue, is coming into style with gold as the focus. With the right touches of artful lighting, you can show off perceptive functionality with captivating linear designs. You can select an installation that meshes well with any ambiance featuring an explosive movement of light to draw attention to all your favorite art installations.

• Sleek-lined wall lights above mirrors and artwork help to draw attention to various areas of your home.

• Downward angled wall lights with metallic finishes help illuminate any space, adding the focus precisely where you want it most. 

What bright, new lighting and furniture pieces have caught your attention for your upcoming interior remodel? Mid-century modern, art décor, or handcrafted fusion… you have lighting and furniture pairing options that will help you elevate your home. These and other growing popular trends in illumination and functional furnishings are exactly what your living space needs for 2023.