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The functionality of light fixtures is indisputable, but more and more homeowners are also using them to express preferences and tastes. With retailers carrying lighting fixtures to meet the needs of different styles, spaces, and personalities, there is much to choose from. With so many variables at play- finishes, materials, functionality, and cost, here are some tips to consider when making your lighting choices.

Make Your Lighting Fixture a Focal Point

We’ve already seen that colors and accessories have become bolder, and lighting fixtures have naturally followed. Don’t be afraid to install a statement piece that adds personality to your space and speaks to its owners. Don’t be bashful in adding some flair to your ceilings with a fabulous chandelier or pendant.

Nature has a Place in Your Home.

The pandemic allowed many of us to enjoy the outdoors more than we had in years. In response, newer lighting fixtures incorporate materials and craftsmanship evocative of Mother Nature. Flowers, leaves, and even animals can be subtly incorporated into lighting fixtures.

Don’t Let the Dark Settle In

Vision boards with beautifully decorated pergolas and cozy wraparound porches are depicted in many publications. The availability of outdoor lighting fixtures makes it easy to design a well-lit space so you can enjoy outdoor rooms just like you would inside your home. 

Pay close attention and plan for functionality and aesthetics to blend in easily to create your desired look.

Matte Black is Always Chic

Just because you add a black fixture doesn’t mean everything around it needs to match. The contrast between a matte black lamp against a metallic gold accent or a mirrored piece can heighten the look of your room to make it chic and sophisticated.

Art Deco is Back

 Let your lighting fixtures be reminiscent of the glory of the 1920s and 1930s, but with a modern twist. Designs based on geometric shapes and floral motifs are combined with modern materials and finishes. The visual impact of an art deco lamp elevates the room it’s in and evokes glamour and glitz.

When deciding on a new look for a room or your whole home, take the time to find lighting fixtures that speak to you and reflect your taste. Don’t let tradition dictate what you want, but dare to go bolder, bigger, and shinier while balancing your room’s look with carefully curated details and home accessories.