Ceiling Lighting

When we set out to change something in our homes, we typically think of color schemes, furniture layouts, and flooring options. However, electrical technology also plays an important role in updating your home and can provide flexibility and savings in your everyday life. Some salient trends to consider when redesigning your spaces include the following.

Recessed Lighting Upgrades

Recessed lighting is not new, but it’s smarter now. Not only do spaces look sleek and refined when you replace outdated light fixtures, but now with the help of an app, you can have your lights match your mood in no time. Coordinating colors, music, and intensity helps set the mood for your living or family room.

Tools to monitor your electric usage

If your electric bill is a surprise each month, you can rely on a usage monitor to inform you of your electric consumption. Typically attached to the electric panel, they compile data and share it directly into your phone, helping you identify the peaks and valleys of electric consumption in your home. The information you receive can help you decide which, if any, appliances you wish to unplug or replace for more efficient energy use.

Car Chargers

Not surprisingly, the advent of electric vehicles allows homeowners to install charging stations in their homes. For the fastest and most efficient charging process, property owners are installing electric car chargers with high amperage to meet their needs.

Protection Against Power Surges

Most of us know what a surge protector is because we use them for our computers and TVs. Nowadays, we have more and more electric appliances relying on our electric grid, making us vulnerable to power surges that could damage them. Smart surge protectors are easy to install, help you protect your appliances, and can even help lower your electric usage.

Look up at your ceiling fan.

Not surprisingly, ceiling fans are also smart these days! You can connect a smart ceiling fan to your thermostat, powered on/off at a certain temperature. Bluetooth technology helps control your smart fan, and you can program it to fit your family dynamics. Smart ceiling fans are ideal thanks to their ease of use and the potential energy savings they can trigger.

Sustainability and a reduced carbon footprint also have a place in home remodeling, and there’s no better place to start than your electric appliances. Take a few minutes to research what is on the market and decide which option works for your home.