Smart appliances on a smart phone. Concept for home automation. 3D rendering image.

Having a smart home may sound like a work of science-fiction, but as technology advances, we see more and more easy-to-use options to make your home features work for you. Welcoming devices into your house can help you streamline some of your daily tasks, keep you safe and let you work more efficiently. To embrace innovation and modern comfort without breaking the bank, consider some of the following trends we see in the residential space.

Take Control of Your Lights

You may think having automated lights is a nice perk but unnecessary. Then you find yourself delayed coming home and wish the lights were one when you arrive. Or you are snuggled in bed and realize the kids left the bathroom lights on. The convenience of having automated lights is within reach, with reasonably priced options to centralize light management and operate them through your phone or voice-activated commands. Call a licensed electrician to coordinate switches, dimmers, and automation to get the best results.

Keep Yourself Charged

Between phones, computers, tablets, and gaming accessories, our lives are full of chargers and adapters. We place them strategically throughout the home even though they seem to disappear frequently with no explanation. To alleviate our tangled-up reality, installing USB outlets is a great solution. Instead of taking up the electrical outlet to charge a device, you can plug the USB cable directly into the wall and leave the outlets open for other uses.

Make Your Home a Smart Home

We frequently hear of a new smart device to help run our household. They help us save energy, synchronize music within the whole home, and keep us safe. Nowadays, there is a smart-home option for virtually all the areas in your home. Pool lights, sprinkler systems, music players, and showerheads can have smartphone control options. Finding the right combination of devices that can help keep control over your home can change your life. Some devices worth looking into include-

Smart security cameras, doorbells, and smoke alarms

Smart thermostat

Smart sound systems

Embrace an Electric Vehicle

Electric vehicles are becoming more and more popular, and if you already own one or think you are on the road to purchasing one, invest in an electric car charger and make your life easier. Having a car charger installed in your home makes owning an electric car much simpler and decreases your anxiety at finding a place to plug into. There may also be some advantages if your local power provider offers any incentive for off-peak power usage.

Innovations in-home technology are happening quickly, and knowing what to embrace may be confusing. Thankfully, most new devices are designed with the average consumer and simplicity in mind. Take a look at what the marketplace offers and decide on your priorities with your family needs in mind. Once you know your focus, find a recommended electrician to help you install your new gadgets seamlessly and enjoy the comfort and convenience they offer.