Living Room interior green wall mockup with armchair and accessories in the room.3d rendering

Even though many of us have become a bit more casual in what we wear after spending more time at home during the past two years, 2022 is the year where we start to dress up again. Our home is also going to change its current look and get a refresher to match our own return to stylish clothes and shoes. 

Much like we consider what accessories we wear, lighting is the element that brings your home’s redesign together to make it look polished and ready for company. As you plan your redesign, consider the following when selecting lighting fixtures.

Wall Lamps and Sconces are Versatile

Do not be afraid to incorporate wall lamps and sconces all throughout your home. They are helpful to provide task lights over sinks and beds alike. They also have the advantage of not taking up any floor space, which is helpful in smaller spaces. They are also helpful if you only want to add a wash of light in transition spaces such as hallways. If you want to try this project on your own, you can save some time by opting for battery-operated lights that you can easily manipulate without worrying about wiring.

Opt for Flush-Mount Fixtures Instead of Recessed Lighting

For several years we have said goodbye to bulky lighting fixtures and added recessed lighting all throughout the home. Designers now are turning a corner and using flush-mount fixtures to add character to some spaces. You still benefit from the light they emit without overtaking the ceiling space, which makes your home look polished and sophisticated.

Minimalist With a Twist

Minimalist trends continue to rule in home décor, but they are now expanding beyond furniture with clean lines to light fixtures to add to your room. What to look for? Some brass finishes and globes that emit a warm glow along with sculpture-looking fixtures contribute to cozy and inviting spaces.

Be Bold

We are all unique, and our design choices reflect that. Be brave enough to select a large and bold lighting option that makes a statement in your home. Using mixed materials and playing with shapes creates the joy of the unexpected and becomes a focal point for your design choices.

Embrace Antiques

Some popular home stores have introduced retro-looking designs with materials such as alabaster that achieve great lighting while adding warmth to the ambiance. Be on the lookout for the original pieces at thrift and antique shops. A great design coupled with some do-it-yourself updates brings a vintage piece back to life on your ceiling and gives you a one-of-a-kind lighting solution. Never underestimate the value of a second-hand shop!

Lights Upon Lights

Most of us have discovered that one light source in a room doesn’t meet all of our needs. Frequently we need more light over a desk and less over a relaxing couch. To allow flexibility, install multiple levels of lighting (and we are not talking about dimmers!) You may opt for a bold piece hanging from a ceiling to light a room, but still include sconces and a desk lamp closer to the working area where you may need more direct light. This flexibility supports functionality and lets you create different moods as you wish. 

Take the time to consider lighting as a foundational piece of your decoration project. Assess what you want and what you need and find the combination of lighting solutions that works for you. Once you see the final product, you’ll be glad you took the time to explore different solutions.